Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saturday at NYCC

Dan Bones (pictured) wasn't able to get a day pass, and wasn't interested in waiting outside to buy one off someone leaving for the day, so he got some breakfast with me in the food court, looked over the programs, and then went home to work.

Alexa and Brandon had urged me to go see the Wolverine: Origins game preview, and it was as ridiculous as they promised. I'm not much of a gamer but I'm excited to see more of that. After the Wolverine preview, I caught up with Brandon Bird, and hit up the Image booth where Ming was behind the table promoting Comic Book Tattoo, for which she did one of the 50 stories. It looks great, and it's always nice to see a friend's work in print.

I also chatted with Meredith Gran, creator of Octopus Pie, at the Dumbrella booth for a bit. I've been reading her comic for a while. When she saw my work, she mentioned Jim Mahfood, who I hadn't heard of, but I saw his work at the Nerdcore booth. Model Justine Joli was there for the Nerdcore catalog, I'd actually seen her last weekend at Ellen Stagg's birthday party, but I talked with her for a moment, then met Jim Mahfood himself, a really nice guy who I'd like to stay in touch with. I was actually familiar with a lot of his work without having known he was behind it.

I left Javits around 5p and made a quick stop at Gowanus Studio for dinner and the first screening in their film series. I left a bit early to make Jim Mahfood's gallery reception at YUME Gallery, where I met up with Brandon and Alexa.

I did not return to the Con on Sunday - two full days of it is overwhelming. Until next year...

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