Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday at NYCC

Friday: I hit up two panels, one on self publishing, one on the transition from script to pencil work. Tomorrow I'm going to a panel about page layout. I'm still riding the fence about whether or not I want to make comics. I'm curious about what it would be like to draw something someone else wrote, but it would have to be something I felt strongly about. We'll see. Drawing something that I've written would be very satisfying, but I'd have to start with writing something.

I ran into Alexa Rose, Brandon Bird, Ming Doyle and a few other people who I only met in passing on my way out, and Alexa and Brandon and I went for a drink and some dinner near Penn Station.

Alexa Rose

Brandon Bird and myself

Headed back tomorrow, hopefully with Dan Bones, if I can get a hold of him tonight and make sure he wakes up early enough.

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  1. its a sad day when you realize that you're late for things so often that yer friends blog about it.

    in my defense, i was there before you were!