Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bike Blog NYC logo

I did a logo for Michael Green of Bike Blog NYC:

It's also a great case study of my process. Michael came to me with a very clear idea of what he wanted: handlebars and stem, fists clenching the grips, visible knuckle tattoos in classic tattoo lettering, with "NYC" on the head tube. With this information, I gave him a few variations from which to mix & match his ideal:

The feedback he gave me was very specific (which I always appreciate) as to which elements he liked and wanted to see in the final product. With some faith that he'd be able to envision the final result from a sketch, I sent him the pencil rough of the final logo:

He loved it, so I went ahead with the ink, and there you have it. The final result, with some minor tweaking in Photoshop, is what you see above.

And that's how I do it.

Badge Design for Dead River Company

My buddy Lindsey is in Brooklyn's Dead River Company and asked me to design a badge for the band. Here it is: